V9.com redirect virus removal guide

V9.com (Search.V9.com, En.V9.com, Safe.V9.com, v9.com/fr/newtab) malware detailed description, symptoms and effective removal tool.

V9.com has been involved in malicious online advertising schemes for months now. It is a landing page for the search system deployed by cyber fraudsters who are after ad revenue regardless of the ethical aspects of their methods. Those who fall victim to the V9 scam are experiencing constant redirects of their web browsers to V9.com, Search.V9.com, En.V9.com, Safe.V9.com or v9.com/fr/. The diverting may take place in the form of homepage hijack or URL replacement in the regular search results. This web page itself has not been found malicious or dangerous, but the initiator of these annoying redirects is malware, generally classified as PUP – Potentially Unwanted Program. The corresponding malign code modifies web browser settings on the targeted computer, the worst part being that even after the user manually recovers the previous configuration – the rerouting mostly tends to come back. And of course, just like pretty much every malware sample out there, V9 infiltrates a PC without user’s consent, coming mainly as a bundle to third-party software (codecs, shareware, freeware) of dubious origin.

This is what V9.com looks like:

v9.com screenshot

As you can see, it’s structured to make a strong focus on categories that are intended to provide traffic to multiple web pages – and traffic means money these days. Furthermore, when performing a search with V9 you get a list of results most of which will generate advertising revenue to V9 authors.

So, it’s obvious that V9 is malicious, obnoxious and definitely not wanted on the average user’s computer. Let’s now see how this redirect issue can be affectively addressed.

V9 virus removal

To stop the redirects from occurring, you can try a few cleanup methods.

1. Manually uninstall the corresponding BHO (Browser Helper Object)

Go to Windows Start menu and open Control Panel
control-panel-programs Choose Uninstall a program, and in the list that will appear, look for any item that has a mention of V9 in it. Do note that in some cases this malicious BHO is nowhere to be found under Control Panel, so this method is worth a try yet not always efficient. Should this approach turn out successful in your particular infection scenario, consider downloading an automatic removal tool to clean up all the file traces of the malware and keep similar threats from contaminating your PC again in the future.

2. Reset your browser

This routine allows recovering browser settings to their default values, which may help in preventing the redirects to V9.com. Ways to do this depend on the browser being used.

For Internet Explorer: go to ToolsInternet OptionsAdvanced tab. Then click on Reset button.
Reset Internet Explorer

For Mozilla Firefox: Go to HelpTroubleshooting Information. Then click on the Reset Firefox button and confirm.
Reset Firefox

3. Automatic removal of V9 adware (Supprimer v9.com/fr/)

Whereas resetting the web browser often solves the problem only temporarily, and uninstalling the V9 BHO from Control Panel might turn out inefficient altogether, automatic cleanup using security software will do the trick with the highest degree of reliability.

You will need to download, install and run V9 removal solution to get your system scanned for potentially unwanted programs and have the virus as well as possible affiliated infections removed completely.

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