Remove Conduit Search hijacker. virus removal how-to

This entry encompasses a comprehensive coverage of browser hijacker, including in-depth description and detailed recommendations for Conduit Search virus removal, as well as tips to restore the correct browsing preferences.

The problem of not-so-ethical online marketing predominantly implies the unfortunate trend of browser hijackers taking over one’s web search and surfing preferences, bypassing the phase of user consent confirmation. The Conduit Search adware is one big instance of this tendency. Externally exhibited as URL, this hijacker makes you revisit its page repeatedly without any obvious opt-out ability on your end.

In case you are wondering how on earth this web bug appeared on your computer, just do a quick recall of the recent software downloads you made: one of those must have been supplemented by a ‘useful app’ extra, such as Conduit Toolbar, also known as the Community Toolbar by Conduit. This browser add-on is being actively marketed by its authors as a way of profitable traffic conversion and online advertising that can be performed on a custom basis. Seems to sound okay as a way to make money, but how about the thousands of users who ran into the obnoxious issue of forcibly imposed web surfing routine? By the way, some of the known installs that might lead to these browser redirects are BrotherSoft Extreme2 B1 Toolbar, Search Protect by Conduit and Conduit Apps Toolbar – we will touch upon these in this post’s cleanup section. homepage

The symptoms of being affected by Conduit adware include the following browsing distortions: your preferred search provider gets altered; the browser homepage is set to instead of the one you indicated; you might also experience random diverting of your traffic from legitimate search engine results to the above web page or affiliated third-party URLs. Since this sort of activity quickly becomes unbearable, it becomes a priority to get rid of this infection. To learn how, please review our step-by-step instructions that will guide you all the way through this procedure until the bug it gone for good.

Conduit Search virus automatic removal

An effective method for Conduit adware cleanup is the use of trusted security software. Not only is this a trouble-free way to act, but it also guarantees that no traces of the infection are missed, hence none of its remainders are left behind in the long run.

1. Download and install Conduit removal solution.

2. Run the software and have your computer scanned for malicious software such as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) that interfere with your online surfing.
3. Select the detected objects and click Remove.

Uninstall affiliated Conduit software using Control Panel

• Go to Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs (on Windows XP and Windows 8) / Uninstall a program (on Windows Vista and Windows 7) interface
Select Uninstall a Program under Control Panel• Find any mentions of Conduit amongst the listed programs (Search Protect by Conduit, Conduit Apps Toolbar, BrotherSoft Extreme or similar) and initiate their removal by clicking the Uninstall/Change option
Uninstall Conduit

Remove Conduit Search from Firefox

1. Disable Conduit toolbar
• Go to Tools in the top part of your Firefox window
• Choose Add-ons from the drop-down list
• Click on Extensions, then locate the item(s) related to Conduit on the list (often it’s BrotherSoft Extreme), and click Remove
Remove affiliated add-ons via Firefox Extensions interface

2. Restore the homepage
• Go to Tools and select Options
• Click on General tab and choose Restore to Default under Startup section
Restore Firefox homepage

3. Remove Conduit from the list of search engines
• Click on the little arrow in the field located to the right of the search box
• Select Manage Search Engines option at the bottom of the list
• Highlight Conduit and click Remove

Conduit Search removal from Internet Explorer

1. Get rid of Conduit / BrotherSoft Extreme toolbar
• Go to Tools (the gear icon in IE 9) and click Manage Add-ons
• Under Toolbars and Extensions, locate Conduit / BrotherSoft Extreme toolbar and disable it
Removing Conduit from IE add-ons

2. Change IE homepage back to normal
• Choose Internet Options in the Tools menu
• Hit General tab
Restoring default Internet Explorer homepage • Click on the Use default button

3. Correct your list of search engines
• Click Tools menu, then select Manage Add-ons
• Click Search Providers on the menu that appears
• Select Conduit Search on the list and click Remove

Conduit Search removal from Google Chrome

1. Delete Conduit toolbar
• Click on the Wrench icon in the top right-hand corner of your Chrome window
• Select Tools in the drop-down menu list
• Choose Extensions
Accessing Chrome extensions• Find the add-on(s) related to Conduit
• If the culprit if found, click on the trash bin icon next to it in order to remove the bad add-on
List of extensions in Google Chrome

2. Modify the start page
• Click on the Wrench menu as shown in the sub-section above
• Select Settings
• Go to On Startup section under Settings and activate the radio button next to Open this page. Put the desired URL into the box
• Go a little lower on the same page, click Manage search engines, and define the search engine you would like to use by default
Changing Chrome homepage and default search engine

Ascertain that Conduit Search hijacker is no longer there

All of the above actions being performed, it’s advised that you have your operating system scanned with an automatic cleanup tool in order to check whether Conduit Search adware and related malicious objects have been exterminated. This step is also helpful in terms of deleting corrupt registry data that might have been added by the virus.

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