Remove BetterSurf ads (Ads by BetterSurf) in Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer

If you are suffering the consequences of BetterSurf adware randomly displaying ads in web pages you visit, be sure to read this tutorial in order to find out where this virus comes from and how to completely get rid of it for restoring normal web browsing experience.

Driven by the intent to earn large amounts of affiliate revenue fast, the authors of BetterSurf browser extension came up with an unacceptably intrusive idea. Their add-on goes aggressive enough to insert tons of online advertisements into the regular content of websites you navigate to. In other words, as long as this unwanted app stays inside your computer system, your normal web surfing experience quickly goes down the drain due to annoying ads being displayed all over the visited sites and definitely not where they should be.

Web page with BetterSurf ads embedded

Above is an example of what happens if you get infected. As you can see, large Ads by BetterSurf get embedded into the page in both the left- and right-hand sections. This isn’t the worst-case scenario though. The virus may as well distort the graphical representation of web content, making sites look weird or even pretty much unreadable. Also, Better Surf tends to add links to text strings on web pages being displayed, which increases the chances of the user accidentally clicking on those. Ultimately, the more clicks – the more money scammers get paid by the advertisers in return for this traffic regardless of how it has been obtained.

Pertaining to the contamination workflow, it may vary. For instance, some Firefox users report getting infected after the recent browser update – by the way, BetterSurf has since been added to the Mozilla Blocklist. One more way this adware infiltrates a PC is through the download of some other third-party software, where this bad code is a bundle you might not notice being installed along the way.

Unfortunately, the use of preventive apps such as Adblock Plus does not help in this case: whilst all the other ads get filtered out, the ones by BetterSurf stay. This potentially unwanted program is fairly persistent in that its folder usually cannot be removed from the Program Files manually, nor is disabling or deleting the respective extension from the browser always effective. The instructions we provide in this guide have proven to work well in terms of BetterSurf malware removal, so be sure to follow these steps if you have fallen victim to this ad virus.

Ads by BetterSurf virus automatic removal

An effective method for thorough cleanup of BetterSurf adware is the use of reliable security software. Not only is this a trouble-free approach, but it also guarantees that no traces of the infection are missed in Program Files, Windows Registry, and the web browser, hence none of its remainders are left behind at the end of the day.

1. Download and install BetterSurf removal solution..

2. Run the software and click Start Computer Scan to have your system scanned for malicious software such as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs), adware, viruses, etc. that interfere with your online surfing.
3. Select the detected objects and click Fix Threats.

Uninstall BetterSurf adware using Control Panel

• Go to Control Panel’s Add or Remove Programs (on Windows XP and Windows 8) / Uninstall a program (on Windows Vista and Windows 7) interface
Select Uninstall a Program under Control Panel• Find BetterSurf entry or any mentions of other suspicious third-party software that should not necessarily be there, and initiate its removal by clicking the Change/Remove option
Uninstall malicious software related to

BetterSurf ads malware removal by resetting your browser

It’s noteworthy that although restoring your malfunctioning web browser to its default settings is an effective way to address the BetterSurf ads issue, performing the reset procedure has a downside: you will lose all of your personalized data such as browser preferences, bookmarks, passwords, cache, etc. Therefore, in case you are up to fixing the problem this way, make sure you proceed with caution. If you are unsure, we advise sticking to the automatic cleanup routine highlighted above.

Reset Mozilla Firefox to its default settings

• Click on the Help menu in the upper part of your Firefox window and select Troubleshooting Information
Firefox Troubleshooting Information interface• Click Reset Firefox button as shown on the image
Reset Firefox

Reset Google Chrome settings

• Click on the Chrome menu icon in the top right-hand part of your Chrome window and select Settings from the drop-down list
Access Chrome settings• At the bottom of the page that opened up, find and select Show advanced settings option
Go to advanced settings in Chrome• Scroll down to the bottom of the advanced settings interface and click Reset browser settings
Reset Chrome• You will now see a dialog box where you need to confirm that you are sure you would like to get your Chrome settings restored to their original defaults. If you are sure, click Reset
Confirm the reset procedure

Reset Internet Explorer

• Go to ToolsInternet Options
IE Internet Options• Go to Advanced tab and click on the Reset button
Reset Internet Explorer• In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, put a checkmark next to Delete personal settings and select Reset option at the bottom
IE reset confirmation

Double-check if Ads by BetterSurf malware is gone

As it’s already been mentioned, fixing the BetterSurf adware issue manually, that is, by restoring your browser to its default settings, will lead to the loss of personalized web surfing information. To avoid these inconveniences, it’s recommended to run a computer scan with removal solution and have the detected threats eradicated automatically. This way you can also be confident that no additional traces of BetterSurf ads malware and affiliated potentially unwanted applications are left on your PC.

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